Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sally C. Tinker

I was doing so well this morning at concentrating on the daily chores, but then in the middle of one of those chores (clearing papers off the desk), I came across this:

Before I could file it, I had to make sure the ordinance had been recorded. And that led to wondering about this, which led to wondering about that. Let's just say that after a couple of hours, the pile of papers hasn't diminished at all. 

However, while doing a quick search to see if the information I had for Joseph and Sally was as complete as possible, I came across this:
It's small print, but that's a transcription of "Lewisiana" or "The Lewis Letter." It looks like the minutes of a Lewis Family Meeting (or several of them) and includes biographies. I can hardly wait to go through it and see if it will help with some of our "dead-end" lines.

I had two children for Joseph and Sally in my records, but this mentions a third one - Mary Aurelia Lewis Lyon. It's always exciting to discover something new! And look at this, here she is, with additional mention of her husband and children.

So, Mary has been added to the family, and the next time we do a sealing session at the temple, she can be sealed to her parents. So, while I feel a touch guilty about taking so long to do this simple chore of "clear off the papers," I feel pretty good about my rationalization.

I've also had the thought that I need to do better at sharing these little discoveries with my family, so here you go. I'll try to do better in the future. And now I really am closing all the genealogy programs and going through the "open enrollment" papers!