Sunday, January 25, 2009

3 Nephi 26 - 4 Nephi

Scripture Study Insights

3 Nephi 26
In order to receive greater knowledge, we have to believe what we’ve already been given.

3 Nephi 27
If we want to stand spotless before God at the last day we need to repent and let the Holy Ghost sanctify us. We’ll be judged from the books that have been written. Be sure to record the nice things other people do in your journals.

3 Nephi 28
Our greatest joy comes from sharing the gospel message with others. Our questions are answered as we “inquire of the Lord.”

3 Nephi 29
We should treat others kindly and lovingly.

3 Nephi 30
The gospel is simple: Repent and turn from our wicked ways, come unto Christ and be baptized so that the Holy Ghost can lead and direct us.

4 Nephi
The companionship of the Holy Ghost is an amazing gift. The existence of righteousness and unity does not mean the absence of adversity. (In other words, bad things happen to good people.) It does mean the absence of contention and sin and strife. Allowing prideful thoughts is the first step towards losing unity and righteousness. Exceeding riches and hardened hearts hasten the process. Sacred things need to be kept hidden away from wicked people. Let the Holy Ghost guide you in this.

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