Thursday, January 8, 2009

Come Unto Christ

Come unto Christ ye penitent and meek
Seek this Jesus of whom the prophets speak
Seek this Jesus whose mercies never cease
Come unto Christ, and find in him eternal peace

Come unto Christ, who bore our griefs alone
Who will carry our burdens as his own
Seek this Jesus, and by his love be blessed
Come unto Christ, and find in him eternal rest

Come unto Christ ye sorrowful and frail
Seek this Jesus whose comfort cannot fail
Seek this Jesus and triumph in his might
Come unto Christ
Come unto Christ!

Come unto Christ, abide in him and live
He will bless you with every perfect gift
Seek this Jesus amid a world of strife
Come unto Christ and find in him eternal life.

Words and music by Sally DeFord (click on MP3 link to hear the song)
Church Music Contest: Relief Society division--Award of Distinction 1995 (SSA version)

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