Friday, January 2, 2009

Gaining a Testimony

I had a hard time deciding how to start this blog. For some reason the very first post just seemed like it needed to be profound or something! So, I was very grateful when I received Brad's Christmas gift this week, because he writes the perfect "first post."

For Christmas this year, I would like to write you a story that I remember, although you probably don’t. It is the earliest memory I have of developing my own testimony of reading the scriptures daily.

I always knew it was important, because ever since I can remember we had family scripture study. I still remember reciting the books of the Bible and Book of Mormon. I also remember the technique you used to keep us quiet as Dad read every night – you would pick a word (like Jerusalem or family) and we would have to count how many times it was repeated in the chapter. That was genius!

Anyway, those are experiences I had to understand the importance of reading the scriptures. My testimony came sometime during that period of my life.

When I was eight or nine, I had to abide by several rules. (Thank you for making rules.) One rule that I remember was that I needed to be in bed with the lights off at 8:30. Another rule was that I had to read the scriptures every night before going to sleep.

One day I found myself lying in my bed with the lights off at 8:30 trying to go to sleep. I was very restless, and it wasn’t until 8:45 that I figured out why – I had forgotten to read my scriptures!!!

I was trapped! I couldn’t go to sleep because I hadn’t read my scriptures, and I couldn’t read my scriptures because I had to be in bed with the lights off. Luckily for me, the bed-time rule had 3 exceptions:
1) go to the bathroom
2) play “spy” (ask Weston and David about “Spy”)
3) ask Mom a question

So, I got out of bed, crept down the hall, and knocked on your door to explain my plight. You seemed to be very concerned and interested in my problem, and then you probably made one of the best decisions of my life. You gave me permission to read one verse from the scriptures using the bathroom light.

I ran back to my room, grabbed my triple, and went to the bathroom. I still remember what verse I read so many years ago: Article of Faith 1:1. (I chose that one because I could read it super fast, seeing as I already had it memorized.)

I turned off the bathroom light, put my scriptures in their place, and fell right to sleep, but even before my head hit the pillow, I had my very own testimony of reading the scriptures.

He's right, I don't really remember these experiences, although now they seem familiar. That's the way the Spirit works. Part of his job is to help us remember what we knew before we came to earth. And the purpose of this blog is to help me remember those thoughts that he whispers to me.


  1. GO Brad! I like this idea Mom, Thanks!

  2. Wow, I just read this and I am in tears.
    Thank you Becky, thank you very much for sharing such wonderful memories and experiences.
    I was just talking to Dave about traditions and what we leave for our children. I didn't grow up with many so I was unsure of how to do it. with Dave's parents example little by little I add to my own little family. Now, thanks to your sharing I will add some of your ideas to my "way to make a happy family"
    I am very excited! I hope some day my kids can tell me their spiritual experiences and that somehow I had something to do with them.
    Thanks again.