Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ether 1-7

Ether 1
Prayer is important. “Cry unto the Lord.” “Cry again unto the Lord.” “Inquire of the Lord.”

Ether 2
We live in a wonderful land. What do I need to do to keep it that way? I need to remember the Lord, pray, seek forgiveness and “go to work.” The Lord expects us to come up with our solutions to solve problems.

Ether 3
What do I need to do to increase my faith? It’s possible for faith to turn into knowledge. We need to treat our spiritual experiences as the great treasures that they are.

Ether 4
All good things come from God. Remember to pray.

Ether 5
It’s important to share our testimony of the Book of Mormon with others.

Ether 6
Some things we can learn from the Jaredites year-long adventure crossing the great waters: The Lord is in charge, we should sing praises and express gratitude to him night and day, look for the multitude of tender mercies that he sends, remember to be humble.

Ether 7
It’s good to be “mighty in strength,” but it’s better to be “mighty in judgment,” and best to “execute judgment in righteousness.”

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