Monday, February 16, 2009

Ether 8-15

Scripture Study Insights

Ether 8
Watch out for Satan’s plan to lead us away by fair promises. He’s a liar. God doesn’t work in secret combinations. Nations that uphold wickedness will be destroyed. We’re given records of wicked people so we can learn from then, repent , and do good.

Ether 9
The Lord blesses those who choose the right.

Ether 10
When we take the time to remember, it’s easier to choose the right. It’s a commandment to work and be industrious.

Ether 11
The cycle continues. The people don’t hearken to prophets. Wickedness leads to war and famine. Repentance brings the Lord’s mercy.

Ether 12
Faith leads to hope which leads to charity which brings us to Christ and eternal life.

Ether 13
The New Jerusalem will be built by the house of Joseph and inhabited by those whose “garments are white through the blood of the Lamb.”

Ether 14
The Lord keeps his promise. Those who are fully wicked will be destroyed.

Ether 15
It’s possible to reach a point, because of hard hearts and allowing Satan control, to not have the Spirit personally available.

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