Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mormon 1-9

Scripture Study Insights
Mormon 1
Elder Bednar gave a great talk at a BYU Devotional. W
hen we are quick to observe, we promptly look or notice and obey. Both of these fundamental elements—looking and obeying—are essential to being quick to observe. I want to do better at being observant!
“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him” (Psalm 34:8). Taste means “to become acquainted with through experience.” Have I “tasted of the goodness of God?” What about His love and mercy? Yes, I have – many, many times. See also Mosiah 4:11 and Alma 36:24, (cross reference to Mormon 1:15).

Mormon 2
Our greatest safety comes as we gather together. As we stand strong with firmness, wickedness has to flee away. We can have assurance that even if we’re the only one to do so, it’s possible to choose the right – Mormon did it.

Mormon 3
It’s in our best interests to be prepared for judgment day, because it’s going to come whether we’re ready or not.

Mormon 4
The judgments of God will overtake the wicked.

Mormon 5
One of the purposes of The Book of Mormon is to persuade us that Jesus is the Christ.

Mormon 6
Remember that our actions do affect others.

Mormon 7
To redeem means to recover or buy back. That means that at one time we enjoyed whatever it is we’re trying to achieve now.

Mormon 8
In spite of the “sad tales of destruction” we can have hope. God hears our prayers and his purposes will all be fulfilled. We can help by noticing others’ needs and doing what we can to help them.

Mormon 9
God is a god of miracles. They still exist if we’re looking for them. I loved the comment in David’s email summarizing his first year on his mission, “Looking back on the last year, and without taking too much time to summarize my experience, I will do it in one sentence. I could go on for days, but in all sincereity and gratitude this should be enough . . . I am not a stranger to miracles.”
Verse 21 contains a wonderful promise to ALL: if you pray in faith and don’t doubt, you will receive.
I loved Linda’s post on “he that is happy will be happy still."
Do I really believe that I will take my habits and attitudes with me when I die? Because I will.
Don’t condemn others for their imperfections, but be grateful that you can learn greater wisdom because of their examples. Don’t yield to temptation but choose to serve God always. “Be wise in the days of your probation.”

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