Sunday, May 17, 2009

Agency Again

Doctrine & Covenants 60 - 62
"It mattereth not to me"

One of my vivid recollections as a teenager took place one Saturday (or summer) morning. I was in the kitchen helping my mom when she looked out the window at my sister who was doing something outside. (I think she was raking our dirt driveway.) Mom said, "Oh, that's not the way I said to do it!" She put down her dishtowel and started going outside when she stopped and said, "But the job is getting done." And Mom returned to what she was doing. That made a strong impact on me. My mom was willing to recognize that there is often more than one way to accomplish something. Your way isn't necessarily the only way, or even the best or right way.

Heavenly Father feels the same about many things. He gave the commandment for the missionaries to return to Missouri, but it really didn't matter to him if they went together or in small groups, if they bought a boat or made one themselves, if they walked or took the stage, or even which route they took, as long as they were being righteous and went quickly. The Holy Ghost would be there to guide them if necessary.

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