Sunday, June 21, 2009

A New Quote

Today in Relief Society we had the lesson from the Joseph Smith manual on temple ordinances and blessings. The teacher shared that she wondered why Joseph Smith was killed before the Nauvoo Temple was completed, particularly since it was so vital to him that the saints sacrifice and work to accomplish that task. She came across the answer in a quote by Wilford Woodruff that I had never heard and yet is just perfect. So, I thought I'd share it just in case someone else had wondered the same thing.

"I used to have peculiar feelings about his [Joseph Smith's] death and the way in which his life was taken. I felt that if, with the consent and good feelings of the brethren that waited on him after he crossed the river to leave Nauvoo, Joseph could have had his desire, he would have pioneered the way to the Rocky Mountains But since then I have been fully reconciled to the fact that it was according to the program, that it was required of him, as the head of this dispensation, that he should seal his testimony with his blood, and go hence to the spirit world, holding the keys of this dispensation, to open up the mission that is now being performed by way of preaching the gospel to the 'spirits in prison.'"—Wilford Woodruff, Journal of Discourses 24:54, January 27, 1883.

Joseph Smith had accomplished everything he was sent to earth to do, and the spirits in prison were waiting for him to bring light and knowledge to them. They needed to be prepared to accept the ordinances that those on earth would do for them when the temple was completed. So, Heavenly Father allowed Joseph and Hyrum to be martyred. Isn't that a wonderful testimony of the love of God for ALL of his children?

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  1. I have some "Whisperings of the Spirit" stories to share and I thought this would be an apporopriate place to do it.

    1. I went to the temple on Saturday with a really big question in mind. The answer was "write in your journal." Later on that day as I wrote in my journal, the answer to the question came very clearly. It was probably clearer coming from my own hand onto paper than it would have been being whispered to my heart.

    2. Unloading tools for the job this morning, Brian needed to move his truck and trailer for the homeowner to get his car out. I was parked nearby and in my mind I saw him backing into me and at the same time a voice said, "Brian is going to run into your truck." I dropped what I had in my hands and ran up to guide him in. Everything happened just as I saw it, and while Brian's head was looking to the other side he did not see how close he was getting to me. I prevented the accident by banging on his window.

    3. A friend asked for a blessing. While I was not the one who gave the blessing, it turned out she was looking for an answer for the same question I had on Saturday. During the blessing I was instructed to tell her my story. I literally saw the relief in her face as I shared with her my story. She was happy to know that she was not the only one with that question.

    These things happen pretty often if we're looking! Thanks for keeping up on your blog!