Monday, June 1, 2009

Stewardships and Missionaries

Doctrine & Covenants 70 - 75

70: Ideally we should all be equal in temporal things - "none are exempt" - and we should reach this state ungrudgingly! This commandment was given as a reward for diligence and faithfulness. That's something interesting to ponder.

71: We are to open our mouths in porclaiming the gospel. If we keep the commandments, "no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper."

72: The Lord requires accountability for our stewardships. Those that are faithful and wise won't shirk from this requirement.

73: "Gird up your loins and be sober."

74: "Little children are holy."

75: The Lord expects us to labor in his kingdom. We are also to take care of and provide for our families. If we are faithful and diligent in these responsibilities, we have his promise that he will always be with us. We can be "filled with joy and gladness."

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