Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The High Council

Doctrine & Covenants 102

While this section is really a revelation on how to form a high council, it also contains an excellent example of how you can find the answer to anything in the scriptures.

A few years ago I had a church calling that included collecting monthly reports from several people. Some were more prompt than others in that responsibility. It was exciting to discover a motivational tool for those that struggled. In verse 26 it states to "transmit, immediately, a copy of their proceedings" which is exactly what was supposed to happen. It's been too long to remember if this scripture really helped me get attendance rolls more promptly, but I do remember being grateful that it wasn't just me asking for reports, that it's actually a commandment in the scriptures.

This isn't just for high councils or seminary classes. Oftentimes a meeting isn't really over until the results of that meeting have been communicated to those who need to know. And it's always better to do it immediately!

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