Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Putting First Things First, part three

The Baking Analogy

Something I've found very helpful as I strive to juggle responsibilities and set priorities is to compare each of my different roles to a baking ingredient. For example, wife = sugar, mother = flour, friend = eggs, housekeeper = chocolate chips, volunteer = milk, etc.

Some days I may use more "flour" than "sugar" and end up with rolls.
Other days may have more "sugar" than "flour" with cookies as the result.Still other days may have a lot of "eggs" and "milk," leaving no time for "sugar." (Hopefully these days are rare.)However, no matter what the proportion of other ingredients is, if there isn't any "salt" in my day, the whole day is a tasteless flop. Salt stands for my role as a daughter of God. If I make time for that relationship - through prayer and scripture study - whatever else happens turns out beautifully. Just like in baking, it doesn't take a lot of salt to make a difference. And so I find great comfort in this quote from President Packer:
"Things of the Spirit need not—indeed, should not—require our uninterrupted time and attention. Ordinary work-a-day things occupy most of our attention. And that is as it should be. We are mortal beings living in this physical world. Spiritual things are like leavening. By measure they may be very small, but by influence they affect all that we do."
Boyd K. Packer

What are you baking today?

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