Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As I was reading in the Book of Mormon today, I was struck by the word "consumption" and wondered what it really meant. So I looked it up. The main definition is "the act of consuming or devouring something, as by use, decay, or destruction." (It olden days it also referred to the disease tuberculosis, so I guess that involved destruction of the lungs.)

I'm still trying to figure out how the righteousness part of the phrase relates to destruction. 2 Nephi 20:22 states "the consumption decreed shall overflow with righteousness." The cross reference is to Daniel 9:27 which uses the word "consummation" (instead of "consumption") which means "completion, perfection, fulfillment." Another cross reference I found goes to D&C 87:6, 8. In this section the Lord is talking about the end of the world, the destruction that will come, and our need to "stand in holy places" so that we can avoid it. I guess that's where the righteousness part comes. Isaiah (and Nephi), along with Daniel and Joseph Smith, were helping us prepare for the Second Coming by warning us of the dangers and reminding us of what we need to do.

All of that was a long introduction to say we're still being reminded. Here's a great talk I found by President Eyring which I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy it!

"As the challenges around us increase, we must commit to do more to qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Casual prayer won’t be enough. Reading a few verses of the scripture won’t be enough. Doing the minimum of what the Lord asks of us won’t be enough. Hoping that we will have the Atonement work in our lives and that we will perhaps sometimes feel the influence of the Holy Ghost won’t be enough. And one great burst of effort won’t be enough. Only a steady, ever-increasing effort will allow the Lord to take us to higher ground."
(from talk given by Henry B. Eyring at BYU-Idaho January 2005)

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