Friday, October 1, 2010

Personal Revelation (part two)

Part of our family night discussion involved recalling instances when we had received personal revelation. For example:
  • Brad lost his shoe on the hike. David prayed. We found it under a bush.
  • Someone didn't want to come to family prayer. Mom was prompted to take family prayer to him. We had family prayer.
  • The Holy Ghost told Becky that she would marry Wayne during their very first phone call. (See lesson #5 in this post. It was good this came up, because the kids hadn't heard that before.)
We discussed the importance of following through on promptings we receive, and that as we do that more and more, the more often promptings come, and the more easily they are recognized.

Then a couple of days later a friend shared an experience that perfectly illustrates this principle, as well as how the Lord uses us to serve and help others. That morning she was out running errands, had a conversation with one of the store clerks, and was prompted to share information learned in that conversation with another friend. She figured she'd do it the next time she saw him, but the thought kept returning, and finally she realized she better follow through on it right away. During the course of that phone call, the conversation turned to another topic - the youth temple trip that afternoon. She realized that this friend, a new convert, was under the impression that there wasn't time for him to prepare family file names. He was excited about going to the temple with his (also newly baptized) son, though, and they were hoping to be able to go again later to do the work for their grandparents. At that point this sister realized why she had been prompted to call him. She explained that since he already had the information, it would take just a few minutes to print out the request and they could be baptized for his relatives that very day. So they were, and it turned out to be a special experience for all involved.

Moral of the story: Sometimes you learn right away why you were prompted to do something. Sometimes you don't. But it's always a good idea to be obedient to the Spirit. And the more you practice, the better you get.

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