Sunday, June 5, 2011


Or the story behind a good quote.

Last Sunday our teacher read the following quote in class:

"The passage of time has not altered the capacity of the Redeemer to change men’s lives. As he said to the dead Lazarus, so he says to you and me: '… come forth.' (John 11:43.) Come forth from the despair of doubt. Come forth from the sorrow of sin. Come forth from the death of disbelief. Come forth to a newness of life. Come forth."

I thought she said it was given by Elder McConkie in the April 1974 general conference, so when I got home I looked it up; the quote wasn't there.

However, this quote was there:

"The great need in the world today is not for the Lord to send a prophet to reveal his mind and will. He has done that; we have a prophet; we are guided by many men who have the spirit of inspiration. The great need today is for men to have a listening ear and to give heed to the words that fall from the lips of those who wear the prophetic mantle." (Elder Bruce R. McConkie)

Knowing that Steven was preparing a talk about the importance of following prophets, I sent it over to him. He really liked it and actually used it for the conclusion of his talk. I just thought it was amazing how the Lord works. I don't know whether the teacher said Monson and I heard McConkie, or if she really said McConkie; it doesn't matter. What does matter is that the Lord sometimes "works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform." Steven needed that quote for his talk, and he got it.

Oh, and I eventually did find the reference for the first quote. It's from Thomas S. Monson, given at that same general conference.

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  1. Are we going to get to read a copy of his talk? I heard it was amazing!