Thursday, January 19, 2012

GCBC - Elder Hales

General Conference Book Club
Elder Robert D. Hales
"Waiting upon the Lord"

I read this talk last week (here it is) and have been thinking a bit about trials and adversity.  In fact, that was the topic of our FHE lesson this week.  No matter how well we may be doing at keeping the commandments (and there's always room for improvement in that area), we will have challenges.  That's one of the purposes of life.  So, I appreciated Elder Hales reminder that we are fully capable of coping with adversity.  Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, and he is always there to help us endure.  And the better we get at aligning our will with His, the easier it gets.

For some reason, I also really like the word "wait" instead of "be patient."  And I loved all his examples of what that means:

  • hope
  • anticipation
  • trust
  • faith
  • diligence
  • confidence

Like Elder Hales, I am grateful for adversity, mainly because of the blessings that come as we faithfully endure our trials.  And I pray that I will always remember to "wait upon the Lord" no matter what happens.

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