Friday, February 1, 2013

Alice M. Lewis

The other day I was sitting on the couch watching television with Wayne, and since I really wasn't interested in the movie, I decided to do some web-surfing while keeping him company.  (I feel badly that he likes horror movies and I don't, but I have no desire to change that characteristic. Is that awful of me?)  Anyway, it's always fun to look for names from the family tree, and this time I plugged "Maria A. Lee" into Google, and was surprised to be directed to a blog post I wrote a few years ago: "The Fun that is Family History."

When I checked for the Alice mentioned in my story, I realized that I had never followed through on finding her ten children and adding them to NewFamilySearch.  So guess what kept me occupied while the ogre was terrorizing the town lost in time?
Alice M <i>Lewis</i> Simpson
In fact, just while I was writing this I went back to see if I could fill in a few more blanks, and I found more information.  I had concluded from the 1900 census data that Alice and William had two children that were born and then died before 1900, and I was able to find information for one of them.  Walter George Simpson was born on 4 October 1890 and was buried on 28 March 1892.  Some day in the future, I'm sure we'll find the information for the missing child.  After all, we want the whole family to be complete!

Updated - Baby Willie was found!

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