Thursday, March 7, 2013

Young Women Class Handouts

Last month my amazing daughter-in-law shared what she does for her Young Women each week, and it was such a great idea, I asked if I could Pin it.  She said I could, but that it wouldn't do any good because her blog's private.  Oops!  So she gave me permission to write about it on my own non-private blog.

Here's what she wrote:

When I was called to teach Young Women last June, I started browsing Pinterest for all sorts of YW ideas, especially since I am also the Personal Progress Advisor. I wanted to find a way for the girls to remember at least a little bit of what they learned that 
1, didn't take too much time, 
2, didn't take too much money, and 
3, was something I could do consistently. 
I couldn't find anything online that fit my criteria. So I wanted to share what I decided on because I feel like it was complete inspiration and revelation. 
Every week I pick what I feel is the most meaningful quote that goes with what our lesson is on. All I bought was a small spool of ribbon, a 12x12 cardstock pad (a very cute one, of course, so they all coordinate), and some binder rings. It takes me about 20 minutes each week to do a set. The cards measure 4" x 2 3/8", which is one 12x12 sheet cut into 15 rectangles (that's about how many I need when we have a lot of visitors). No more random handouts littering your scriptures! And now each girl has a whole stack of quotes to look back on (or at least something visual to remember part of the lesson by) to use for spiritual thoughts or spiritual pick-me-ups.

Isn't that just an awesome idea?  And it reminded me of something one of my visiting teachers did years ago. Whenever she came across a quote she wanted to remember, she wrote it on a 3x5 card.  She also referenced it to a scripture.  Then she punched a hole in the corner of the card and kept them on a ring in "scripture" order (i.e. Genesis at the beginning and Articles of Faith at the end).  Her stack was a good six inches thick!

I was inspired to do the same, and started my ring of quotes.  However, it became just "one more thing to do" and I didn't keep up with it.  It's still a great idea, and I think I might start adding to it again.  This week I actually even found it where I had stashed it!  (When I was checking a drawer for index cards to make a Family Almanac as a gift for the bridal shower I attended, there it was!)
Mine's not quite as pretty - maybe I'll add a ribbon to the ring! - but it does contain some of my most favorite quotes, and they're all in one place.  It's definitely a wonderful source to go to when a spiritual pick-me-up is needed!

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  1. What a great idea--something I can use for my RS lessons (we rarely have more than 8 sisters). Thanks for sharing.