Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Revolutionary War Soldier

Richard Woolsey, from our children's dad's side, also fought in the Revolutionary War.  Once again the "stories" link in Family Tree has some fascinating information.  Here are just a few highlights:

1775/1776 Richard Woolsey - Enlisted at Newburgh, Orange County, New York in Capt John Montgomery, Col Lewis Dubois’ reg’t in 5th line in Gen Wooster’s Brigade

1776 Aug 27 Richard Woolsey - Battle of Long Island –1st major confrontation since the Declaration of Independence.

1776 Aug 29 Battle of Kings Bridge between Manhattan and the Bronx

1776 Oct 28 Battle of White Plains – unfolded across Chatterton Hill  and Battle Hill  

1777 Oct  Garrisoned at Fort Montgomery, assigned to build and guard the fort.

Winter – 1778  Encamped in New Windsor, New York

You can read Richard's whole story here.

The story of Reuben Warriner is found here.

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