Monday, January 20, 2014

Gift Giving

Today someone posted a link to a devotional address given by Pres. Eyring when I was a freshman at BYU. I wonder if I was as touched by his words then as much as I was this morning. Anyway, here it is so I can find it again: Gifts of Love.

"Well, there it is—a simple theory. When you’re on the receiving end, you will discover three things in great gift givers: (1) they felt what you felt and were touched, (2) they gave freely, and (3) they counted sacrifice a bargain."

"Gift giving requires a sensitive giver and receiver. I hope we will use this little theory not to criticize the gifts that come our way this year, but to see how often our hearts are understood and gifts are given joyfully, even with sacrifice. There is something you could do this Christmas to start becoming a better gift giver yourself. In fact, as students, you have some special chances. You could begin to put some gifts—great gifts—on layaway for future Christmases. Let me tell you about them."

You can read his great examples if you follow the link above!

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