Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Pioneer Day!

This morning I was reading in Deuteronomy where Moses relates the history of his people to them just before they enter the promised land. He tells them over and over to remember. I think that's one reason why I enjoy holidays. It's a time for us to remember our history.  In the past I've posted stories and biographies of our pioneer ancestors, but this year I was drawn to my living cousins.
Arthur Smith - Age 25
Arthur Smith, age 25
This is Arthur Smith, and he came across the plains with his parents James and Emma in 1866. Several days ago I wondered how many descendants are here in the United States because of that choice. As I started looking, I realized it would be a gigantic task to figure that out, so I scaled it down to my great-grandmother, Ida Smith White, and her descendants. Even then, there are quite a few.

Last year one of my mom's cousins shared a list that she had compiled of all the grandchildren of Tom and Ida White. There are 41 cousins on that list. I'm in the next generation, so I've been trying to compile that list. I've currently accounted for 151, and it's possible there are a few more.

As I've scrolled through facebook finding cousins, I've been impressed with the joy that radiates through the posted pictures. The gospel certainly does bring great happiness into our lives. That's what Moses promised the Israelites, and the promise is still true today.

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