Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jack Whitaker

Someone else contributed this picture of the Orson Adelbert Whitaker family, taken around 1935, to FamilySearch, but I wanted to be able to find it again, and to remember who is who, so I'm posting it here as well.
from left to right: Berlin, Jessie, Judge, Orson (sitting), Don, Ferrin, Scott, Clara (sitting), Jack (sitting), Russel

I found it while doing a quick search on Uncle Jack, so thought I'd add a couple pictures of him as well, along with the link to his obituary.

Playing Don Quixote:
Uncle Jack, ever the actor, here as Don Quixote

Playing Mark Twain (1990, with brothers Ferrin and Berlin):
Jack, Ferrin and Berlin Whitaker, July 30, 1990

John Milton Whitaker, WWII
During World War II
And here's another one of the family, taken in about 1944:
Standing, from left to right: Dorothy Youkstetter Whitaker, Lowell Turner with wife Jessie in front of him, Rose Broderson Whitaker [Berlin's wife], Donna Turner [Lowell's daughter], Morris Smith [married Donna], Beverly Whitaker [Berlin's daughter], Grace Whitaker Staples [Orson's sister], Orson Adelbert Whitaker, Berlin Whitaker
Seated: Bill Whitaker, Joan Whitaker [Dorothy & Judge's son and daughter] and Diane Whitaker [Berlin's daughter]

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  1. How wonderful to find these beloved faces here. As the eldest of Orson and Clara's grandchildren I have many childhood memories of family gatherings with gossip and laughter and -- always music!