Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Poetry - Part One

While going through my "mothers" file in preparation for a talk last Sunday, I came across a couple of poems which I thought I'd record here, so that other family members might enjoy them as well. This first one Wayne wrote. It's obviously not about me, because I don't feed dogs for anyone!

My Mother

I love my mother, yes I do.
Through thick and thin, she's always true.
I love my mother; she's the best.
She really puts me to the test.
She makes me do a lot of chores,
But then she fixes me some s'mores.
My mother helps me make my bed,
And when she does, I play instead.
My mother drives me where I want;
She even lets me sit up front.
My dog she feeds; my clothes are washed;
The younger kids are also watched.
Although Dad helps, Mom does the rest.
I love my mother; she's the best.
9 May 2004

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