Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Stolee Family in the Dakotas

This week I'm researching the Stolee family once again. I found them a few years ago, when a Stolee daughter married my great-uncle. It turns out that they were quite active in the Lutheran church, producing several pastors. This morning I discovered a birth/christening record that I hadn't known about before, and I wanted to document some of the fascinating information I've uncovered.

First, my records show that a few of Brynhjolf and Anna Stolee's children were born in North Dakota, yet today I discovered they were christened in a church in South Dakota. I thought maybe the two towns were just across the border, but when I plugged Spring Creek, South Dakota, and Emmons County, North Dakota into Google Maps, they were several hundred miles away. That just didn't make sense. After a bit of contemplating, I used Pollock, South Dakota, and discovered that's only about 25 miles from Emmons. Apparently Spring Creek is the name of the church and not the town!

Then I was curious as to what some of the words meant. Fortunately, I found some translation help on the internet. Hjemmedøbt means the child was christened at home.

So, here's the record showing Jakob was the son of Brynhjolf and Anna (the last line).

This is a new child to add to my family group sheet. Next up is to find record of his death, which I suspect is before 1900, because that census shows that Anna gave birth to four children, but only three were living at the time. I'm hoping the church records will help, and I'm copying the Table of Contents so I know at which page to start looking.
We'll see if I have success. Off to start looking!

Update: Still haven't found Jakob's death date, but I did find this wonderful picture which is attached to Michael J. Stolee in Although I these individuals aren't identified, I imagine they're cousins of some sort because Michael is Brynjholf's brother.

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