Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fun Resources

Most of my family history research focuses on census and church/town records. However, every once in a while something new and unusual pops up. Today there were a few. First a Google search led to this e-book which included a list of graduates from Mount Holyoke College:

Abbie J. Woodward is Edith Lydia Woodward's aunt. Maybe the others are related as well, but I haven't found the connection yet. I appreciated having proof of their husband's names.

I found a couple of pictures on; that doesn't happen very often.
Edith Prince with baby Jane (born 1915)
I also discovered a couple of books on that are filled with a wealth of information. Monday's discovery was "The Cone Family in America" and today's was "The Thomas Sanford Family." 

It's so much fun to find different pieces of the puzzle and see how they fit together!

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