Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nativity Countdown #6

I've posted about this nativity set in the past but it's time to share it this year as well. This is a set I inherited from my grandmother, and every year it takes the place of honor on top of the piano. This set reminds me of my heritage and brings back memories of Christmas Eve celebrations with my cousins. Not only was my grandmother a good cook (although the only reason I ever choked down her authentic English plum pudding was to see if there was a dime hidden inside), she had other talents as well. I'm told she probably painted this nativity set herself and she was an excellent musician. She also made a lot of her gifts. In particular, I remember her crocheting. One year all the granddaughters received hats and scarves, and another year she gave hand-crafted afghans to all the grandchildren. I'm grateful for my grandmother's example of Christ-like love and service, and I love that looking at this set helps remind me of that.

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  1. I also have one that I inherited from my grandmother. Her visiting teacher had made it for her. It isn't fancy, but she loved it, so that is why it means so much to me. :)