Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Poetry - Part Two

This other poem was written by my mother to her mother-in-law. I loved finding a copy of it and being able to feel her thoughts at that time, and felt that since the tone was quite different than the other poem I found, that it deserved its own post. Mom wrote this while she was expecting her first child (me) and while my grandparents were serving a mission in Australia. Knowing that helps explain some of her thoughts.
Ethel Lillian Martin Beckstrand

To My Other Mom

I wish I were a poetess so that I could share
The joys and fears, and memories that my heart does bear.
I wish I could let you know somehow
The inner feelings that I have now.
But even though I lack these talents of my mother and your son,
I'll do my best to express my love, for it must be done.

Although already a mother on their day twenty-five years ago,
You were made especially happy as we both do know.
For you gave birth to your second son,
A babe who has proved that he was one
Of our Father's special children
Sent to you from Heaven.

As Mother's Day comes this year
I thank you for your work and love and each tear
That was given for him to make him so dear.
Be proud of him and love him still
For he is good and always will
Follow your example and teachings true
So that once again he will live with you.

I thank our parents for our happy start
And pray that we may always do our part
In making your lives happy too
As we successful achievements pursue.

My Father has blessed me more than I deserve I'm sure
For on Mother's Day this time next year
I too will be a mother
To a little son or daughter.

I am looking forward to my homemaking career
And I hope and pray I can only rear
My child as well as you have your son
So that one will say as I to you, "Your job's well done."

If a little girl is sent I'll try to see she's taught
The truth of the gospel and everything she ought
So that she can be more beautiful each day
And grow up to be like Grandmother in every wonderful way.
I hope I can help her love to work and learn the homemaking arts
So that a happy life she'll have when from me she departs.

If a little boy is sent I hope he's like his Dad,
Industrious, good, loving, and with a mom like Daddy had.

I don't know you very well, at the present time,
But I know what a good mom you are, having married one of your kind.
I hope to teach my baby to know and love you too
So that he'll await your homecoming as anxiously as I do.

I think you again for being a mother
To me and the man I loved more than another.
I thank you for willing to be
Grandmother to the child that'll be born to me.

Judith Anne White Beckstrand
28 April 1962

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